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Flameproof Manitou RoofBolter

Engine: Perkins Diesel
As trackless mining equipment,they operate easily in confined soft and hard rock hanging wall environments, as low as 1.8 metres. A permanent fixture to the Manitou MT-X 742 Telehandler, the Manitou Roof Bolter consists of a single rotating carousel head, which carries 6 roof bolts and enables drilling, automatic epoxy insertion and bolting functions in a single procedure. The Flameproof Manitou RoofBolter provides many of the same functions as a large semi-automated roof-bolter, but with a low profile usually only seen in manual bolters. Safety is enhanced as, unless the manual override is engaged, hydraulics will be disabled with the machine in gear and all functions automatically disable when the arm rest is up. Automated epoxy injection – optional Epoxy is injected using hydraulically-driven compressed air and controlled from the operator’s cab. A separate arm switch and fire button prevent accidental epoxy discharge and a smart check system ensures all required conditions are met before epoxy is fired. The Flameproof Manitou RoofBolter is an innovative flameproof automated drill and bolt rig designed to provide enhanced manoeuvrability and performance in underground mining activities. In conjunction with Dyna Industrial, we have developed a custom solution to a common problem found in hardrock mines – the flameproof roofbolter improves underground safety levels, is efficient and easy to use!