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Telehandler Roofer Platform Attachment

The Manitou Roofer Platform features cutting-edge platform designs for all roof work. Lifting personnel or tools of up to 1 000 kg, the Manitou Roof Platform not only achieves high-capacity performance, but also achieves the highest levels of safety. This platform, especially designed for rooftop access, is equipped with a front opening for roof contact as well as overload and presence sensors. Additionally, this Roofer Platform features non-slip metal flooring. Achieve flexibility at height with Manitou’s Roofer Platform that can be fixed-mounted or with 90° rotation! Extra platform space, 3 700 mm, for the secure lifting of 3 people! Legally approved for 2 persons. This platform is ideally suited for the following Manitou telehandlers:
  • MRT-X Easy range of telehandlers
  • MRT-X Privilége range of telehandlers

Special Features:

  • Max. capacity: 1 000 kg
  • Platform length: 3 700 mm
  • Rotation: 90°
  • Persons: 3