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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch Telehandler Attachment

Manitou’s Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch attachment equips your telehandler to haul heavy weights of up to 22 000 kg on a 60 m winch cable, delivering a powerful, yet precise, drawing solution for a variety of industries. The Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch features oil immersed negative braking for reduced operational costs; a double line pull winch for more pulling force; and a standard cable guide for easier operation. A homologated swivel self-locking hook provides a secure workpiece latch, while a limit switch sensor prevents dangerous hauling beyond mechanical specification. The Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch range consists of five models providing a hauling capacity from 8 to 22 tons features.

Special Features:

This platform is ideally suited for the MHT-X range Manitou telehandlers:
  • MHT-X 780
  • MHT-X 10120
  • MHT-X 10180
  • MHT-X 10225
  • MHT-X 14350