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Mix Bale Clamp Telehandler Attachment

The Mix Bale Clamp from Manitou delivers a flexible bale handling solution for both wrapped and unwrapped bales up to 800 kg. The clamp enables you to handle 1 round bale, 2 rectangular bales or 1 wrapped bale, in a simple mechanical adaption that can be performed without extra tools in less than 3 minutes. The teeth array consists of a 3-prong grip architecture of rounded forged teeth for accurate and clean unwrapped bale handling, while the rounded tubular structure provides a non-damaging grip clamp for wrapped bales.

Special Features:

The mix bale clamp is ideally suited for the following range of Manitou telehandlers:
  • MT-X range of telehandlers
  • MRT-X range of telehandlers
  • MLT-X range of telehandlers