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Super Compact Bale Clamp Telehandler Attachment

The Bale Clamp Super Compact is an easy-to-use, durable telehandler attachment with secure bale lifting capacity of up to 800 kg. The clamp can handle round bales with a maximum diameter of 1.6 m in a secure, non-synchronised closure, delivering enhanced agricultural, breeding or warehousing productivity to your operation. The clamp consists of a 2 x 2 vertical teeth array of wrought iron that offers an accurate and clean penetration of bale materials. As an optional, yet popular, customisation, the clamp can be fitted with 2 extra lower teeth for enhanced handling of rectangular bales.

Special Features:

The super compact bale clamp is ideally suited for the following range of manitou telehandlers:
  • MT-X range of telehandlers
  • MRT-X range of telehandlers
  • MLT-X range of telehandlers