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4-in-1 Combination Bucket Attachment

4-in-1 combination buckets from Manitou cater for a wide variety of material handling applications, such as site-clean-up, grading, scraping, grappling, dozing dirt, brush removal and material spreading to name a few – all from one robust, high-quality bucket attachment. These buckets have a high-strength steel clam shell bottom which prevents bowing of heavy material while two large, guarded cylinders enable powerful clamping. A range of models are available, with widths ranging from 1 524 to 2 134 mm and standard, heavy-duty and heavy-duty with teeth models available.

Special Features:

4-in-1 combination bucket benefits
  • High strength steel clam shell prevents bowing of bucket
  • Bolt on edges for added durability in rugged applications
  • Two-sleeved and protected heavy-duty cylinders for powerful clampling