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Bulk Material Bucket Attachment

Bulk material buckets from Manitou offer high capacity load handling that is ideal for feed, grain and other bulk materials handling, with a proven, durable high-strength steel construction. These buckets are available in standard, medium-duty and heavy-duty models. The standard welding edge of these buckets is 19 mm thick. Standard-duty buckets are recommended for load weights less than 1 088 kg. Medium-duty buckets use a 20 cm mesh window, which increases visibility during handling, and are suited for load weights greater than 816 kg. Heavy-duty buckets, which include a 30 cm mesh window for even greater visibility are recommended for loads that exceed 1 088 kg. Optional bolt-on cutting edges are available

Special Features:

Bulk material bucket benefits
  • High-capacity bucket
  • Perfect for handling feed, grain and other bulk materials
  • Standard, medium and heavy-duty models