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TMT 27 P Truck Mounted Forklift

Lifting Capacity: 2700kg
Lifting Height: 3.40m
Weight: 2525kg
Height: 2.24m
Engine: Kubota 3A
Width: 2.35m
Length: 2.78m
The TMT 27 P truck mounted forklift from Manitou is able to lift 2 700 kg to 3.40 metres over all terrains.

Special Features:

Additional features of truck mounted forklifts
  • 360°/panoramic field of vision
  • High-accuracy manoeuvrability
  • Regulated turning speeds
  • Advanced traction / anti-skid technology
 Leading forklift technology from Manitou Every truck mounted forklift from Manitou is designed, manufactured and tested to the most stringent European performance, safety and efficiency standards. This ensures maximum reliability, reduced total cost of ownership and all-out productivity.