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Manitou’s extensive range of warehouse equipment guarantees easy manoeuvrability even in tight spaces with increased safety for various warehouse applications.  

The Manitou range of warehouse equipment provides high-performance and accurate handling, even in the busiest warehouse environments,increasing your profit margin and minimising downtime.

Our range of warehousing equipment:

  • Electric forklift
  • Pallet stacker
  • Pallet truck
  • Order picker
Features & benefits of our warehouse equipment:
  • Warehouse equipment designed to perform in compact spaces
  • Low maintenance hydraulic systems in all warehouse equipment
  • Maximum operator visibly for increased safety levels
  • Fume-free operation for environmentally-friendly operation
  • Designed with a short turning radius for maximum mobility
  • Lower running costs for entire range of warehouse equipment
  • Long-lasting battery operation – ideal for all indoor applications
  • Ergonomic designs that feature maximum operator comfort

Manitou’s entire range of warehouse equipment is available for sale throughout South Africa exclusively through Manitou Southern Africa.


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EP 20 Pallet Truck

Lifting Capacity: 2000kg
Lifting Height: 0.13m
Weight: 482kg
Height: 1.34m
Width: 0.68m
Length: 1.74m

EP 22 Pallet Truck

Lifting Capacity: 2200kg
Lifting Height: 0.13m
Weight: 560kg
Height: 1.34m
Width: 0.68m
Length: 1.82m